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Hello, and welcome to my practice! I typically work with adults who are successful in many areas of their lives, but still feel that something isn’t quite right. Often, my clients deeply want to feel more present in their lives, more confident and comfortable in their own skin, and more connected with others. I frequently work with clients who are, themselves, therapists. My approach is largely experiential, meaning that I work mainly to help people process and integrate their emotions (and other cues from their bodies) in order to help them move forward. If you suspect you would prefer something more strategy-based and cognitive, I’m probably not the best person for you!  But if you’re open to working experientially and relationally, there is such promise for profound and lasting change. Not gonna lie: this approach often takes longer, but the benefits can take hold at a very deep level.

Read a little more below, and see if anything feels true for you…

Other might be surprised to learn how stressed out, alone, and unsure of yourself (and maybe even unlovable and unfixable) you feel at times, because you often put on a smile, telling others, “I’m fine” and being self-reliant. But, deep down, you’re wondering: Will I have to deal with this forever? Will I always feel this way? Is this who I am?

Maybe you’ve tried to feel better by starting a new fitness regimen or diet plan, distracting yourself with lots of activities, or avoiding situations where you might get rejected or hurt again. Or, maybe you’ve gotten really good at shutting down and numbing out. Perhaps you try really hard to please everybody or to be there for others, and you feel a bit better when you do a good job of that. These efforts work for you in a short-term kind of way, but you’re noticing that they’re not changing how you feel about yourself deep-down. Maybe your family and friends have suggested that you need to love yourself more, but it’s hard to figure out how to do that. Perhaps you are withdrawing from others, because you don’t want to burden them.
As a result, you might be feeling:

  • depressed
  • anxious
  • unsure of yourself
  • trapped
  • hopeless
  • worthless
  • shut down
  • like you want to scream
  • like you might explode
  • alone

You’re tired of feeling this way. There’s a part of you, deep inside, that wants to feel happier, more more alive and present in your life, more confident and comfortable in your own skin, and more deeply connected with others.

I’ve been there.

I’ve been on a long personal journey to figure out what’s held me back from feeling more sure of myself and worthy of having my needs met, and receiving love from others. Like you, on the outside, I’ve looked like I had it all together. But people would be shocked to know how strongly I’ve doubted my worth, how deeply I feel things emotionally, and how fearful I’ve been about stepping into my life and having deep connections with others.  Like you, I used short-term strategies to push my emotional pain and anxiety away.

Over time, I’ve figured out how to accept more and more that I am a lovable and worthy person, with lots to offer, and that I am safe in the world to truly be myself.  This has allowed me to grow more confident, as well as have the ability to love myself and others, and to receive love in return.

I haven’t done this by myself: What I’ve learned is that these kinds of changes require a particular kind of environment, where we are treated with kindness, gentleness, and respect, and in which we can feel safe, not judged, and completely accepted for who we are, warts and all.  Many of us did not always have this growing up, even if we were lucky enough to have well-intentioned and loving parenting.  Others of us have never received this. Many of the ways we’ve tried to manage (like being busy, worrying, numbing out, smoking, drinking alcohol, or restricting our eating) are how we have protected ourselves.  The trouble is, the old strategies don’t work so well anymore, and are getting in the way of the life you want.

We are works in progress.

Based on my own healing journey and my professional work with clients, I can tell you that you can fundamentally change old patterns. We are all works in progress, and in each of us (no matter how stuck, anxious, or depressed we feel) is a spark that drives us towards growth and healing, and that blossoms when the circumstances are right.  A counselling relationship that feels safe, non-judgmental, kind, and connected, and in which you feel deeply understood is one of those “right circumstances” that can help you get unstuck, feel more alive, confident, and lovable, help you show up and be present in your life, feel more connected to others, and literally change the way your brain works.  It’s time to start feeling better about yourself and your future.  Let me help.

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About Counselling

Are you looking for Counselling in Vancouver?

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I opened my private counselling practice after 15 years of working and studying as a counsellor in healthcare and university settings. I offer a counselling relationship that will help you get unstuck and move forward. My clients tell me I’m pretty down-to-earth, kind and gentle, non-judgmental, and that, with me, they feel that they’re “not crazy.” Even at the end of the first session, clients will say what a relief it is to feel safe, understood, more hopeful, and not alone. Together, we’ll figure out what your goals are and work towards them at your pace.

The decision to look for a counsellor often comes at a time of crisis, or when you feel all other avenues have been exhausted. But, it’s never too late to start counselling. And, decades of research tells us that counselling effective and beneficial, so positive change is absolutely possible. I’m here for you, as you take this next step.

More on my Counselling Approach

New to counselling? Here’s what to expect.

After you contact me, we’ll talk by phone for about 15 minutes (at no charge to you) so that I can find out more about your situation and what you’d like help with. This call will also help us figure out if I’m the right counsellor for you. By the end of the call, if you decide you’d like to set up an appointment, we’ll schedule that. If either you or I feel that I am not the best person to help you, I’ll give you some names of other counsellors who might be a better fit.

First session.
The initial session is for exploring the specifics of your situation in more detail, and for us to get a growing sense of whether I’m a good fit for you. By the end of this session, you should feel that I “get” what you’re going through.  We’ll have a good handle on what you want, and I’ll make suggestions about how I think we can get there.

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